Splat the Blob!

Splat the Blob is a fast-paced 3D platformer. The player controls Splat to skillfully jump and tackle obstacles that stand in the way of helping Wilbur the elephant and his family.

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In Good Hands

It's a small world after all. You hold the fate of the people in your hands by controlling the rotation of this surreal world. Navigate from bears, storms, and other natural disasters for the greater good. Sometimes even small worlds have big problems. Developed for Ludum Dare 38.

Itch.io Browser Version
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Lumber Guard

Play by yourself or with a friend in this arcade styled game to defend the great tree from the purple flames. Push them off the edge and collect acorns to see how high you can score! Developed solo in a 24 hour game jam.

Itch.io Browser Version
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Kazahn Royale

3D Battle Royal with Swords and Golems that you can control! Fight against your friends to be the last one standing!

Game Jolt Itch.io
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